Hi, I'm Paul Finn

I'm a full stack web developer with a preference for Python. I also enjoy discussions on entrepreneurship and software marketing.

Handcrafted in Portsmouth, NH

My Porfolio & Side Projects

Is The Garage Full?

A fast and easy way to check if the Portsmouth, NH parking garage is full.

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EXIF.in is a simple API for viewing EXIF data embedded in images over HTTP.

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ImgPage is a minimalist image host powered by e-mail attachments instead of uploads.

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Hoppy Press

Hoppy Press sells premium prints for homebrewers and craft beer lovers.

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Text2Page lets push you updates to your website from any cell phone via SMS.

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LetterPush is a simple e-mail newsletter service for small businesses.

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Guest Posts & Interviews


A quick review of how I built Imgpage, an image host powered by Mailgun.

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How (and a little bit of why) I built my Twilio-powered webapp Text2Page.

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